A Continental update, by Peter Schmidt Group

Continental logo

The typography has been given an update, too.

The old design (below) showed the brand name three times, which wasn’t exactly a good use of space, and the smaller versions within the circle weren’t easy to read at small sizes.

Continental logo

Continental’s Dr Elmar Degenhart had this to say at the annual shareholders’ meeting in Hanover on May 15th (quoted in this PDF).

“You have, no doubt, likewise already noticed our redesigned logo. The revamped, more contemporary, fresh design represents the positioning of the corporation. The message it projects is this: Our technological solutions are helping people enrich the quality of their lives through mobility, and structure their living space in a sustainable way.”

It’s not quite giving me that message.

Redesign by Peter Schmidt Group. Via The Branding Source.

On a side-note, it was interesting to see/hear the “sound logo” section on the Peter Schmidt Group website. I was listening to the Linde Ambient Sound while putting this post together.

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