Australia bans logos on cigarette packaging

Generic cigarette packaging

Above: How packets will look under 2012 regulations (photo: Reuters).

The tobacco giant Philip Morris has launched legal action against the Australian Government, arguing the move illegally diminishes the value of their trademarks.

“We would anticipate that the compensation would amount to billions.”
— Anne Edwards, Philip Morris spokesperson

Imperial Tobacco, a global company that produces brands like Davidoff and Gauloises, has created a large advertising campaign against the plain packaging law that features a stern, matronly figure who asks: “Do you really like living in a nanny state?”

I’m with the Government on this one.

Update #1:
At first, reading the comment thread made me doubt siding with the Government, but actually, the more I read, the more I think this is a step in the right direction.

Update #2:
Australian court OKs cigarette logo ban

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Via David Lawlor.

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