Himalayas Art Museum gets it wrong

Himalayas Art Museum

The rules state the following.

“Once the design is accepted, all copyright, ownership, right of alternation, and right of use will belong to Himalayas Art Museum. The designer should not use it anywhere else, or in any other way.”

So not only we being asked to work for free, we can also forget about using our designs in our portfolios.

It’s a real shame, because this is a project I’d love to be considered for. It’s not like the museum doesn’t have a budget, as the “prize” is in the region of €12,000.

Yet again an arts organisation is asking us to fully complete a design project, then transfer all copyright, with nothing but the mere hope of compensation.

“Speculative design competitions or processes result in a superficial assessment of the problem and can only result in a design that is judged on a superficial basis. [Such competitions] will not result in the kind of work a client deserves.

“Only too often, [spec work] results in a client eventually having to bring a more experienced designer onto a project in order to execute it.”
— Richard Grefe, AIGA

Remember, if you value your time at £0, don’t be surprised when your clients do, too.

Via Debbie Millman and Doug Bartow on Twitter.

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