Mobil logo

The two firms undertook a comprehensive design program, initially focusing on developing a radically cleaner, more modern and attractive service station and related signs and packaging that would help Mobil become the service station of choice.

Mobil logo sketch Tom Geismar 1964
Mobil logo sketch, Tom Geismar, 1964

The idea of the red ‘o’ came about partly to reinforce a design concept to use circular canopies, pumps, and display elements for a distinctive and attractive look. It also served to help people pronounce the name correctly (Mo-bil, not Mo-bile), and of course to add a single memorable and distinctive element to an otherwise very simple lettering style.

Mobil logo Tom Geismar 1964
Mobil logo, designed by Tom Geismar, 1964

Images and quote from Chermayeff & Geismar‘s superb book, Identify, published by Print Publishing.

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