Pirelli logo evolution

Pirelli ad 1922Vintage Pirelli ad from 1922, via Pictorial Gems.

Pirelli logo evolution

“The elongated P with its clever shift from thick to thin and back was a highly evocative way to portray the elasticity of Pirelli’s premium products.”

Logo Life

Info excerpted from Logo Life: Life Histories of 100 Famous Logos, a new book by Ron van der Vlugt and BIS Publishers. Via @MatDolphin.

I was contacted by Salvatore Gregorietti — designer of the latest iteration of the Pirelli logo. He said the information on the Pirelli website is incorrect, and sent me two correct designs to add to the evolution series above (1945 and 1970s). At the time of the latest design, Salvatore was partner at Unimark International with Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda.

More on the Pirelli website.

In the archives is Pentagram’s Angus Hyland on the Pirelli logo.

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